For my final workout (!) of C25K (which I actually used the Ease into 5k App that used to follow the C25K plan exactly, but is now slightly modified…), I decided to run from my neighborhood to my parent’s house.  It went really well, since I generally don’t mind running on the highway (despite a few larger hills), but the wind was against me the whole way!  The run went pretty well and I felt pretty good.  My ankle held up during the run and I was able to even complete my plank for the day (2.5 minutes…ugh!!!) while I was there.  

It is my Dad’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) and he was headed out to my sister’s house, so I caught a ride back to my house :)  Now, I’m sticky/sweaty and enjoying my coffee as I peruse the tumblr.  I suppose I should shower at some point, but I’m contemplating doing a bit of gardening and then taking a nice bath before the husband and kiddo get home this afternoon…relax a bit, eh?

Before I go, I will say this:  I’m really glad to be done with C25K.  I love the program and It got me back to being able to run 3 miles again.  Goal accomplished.  Now, however, I’ll be able to start doing “training” runs for my 10 miler in September.  I won’t feel locked in to a certain run because my app says so.  I will have my training plan, but I’m going to shake it up with regular runs and if I want to do intervals one day, I am going to do intervals that day.  Know what I mean, Vern?

Alrighty.  Everyone have a glorious Sunday!  *mwah*


  1. sarahspeaksnow said: Whoo! C25K graduate! <3
  2. fromlazytolively said: Congrats on finishing c25k!! And happy birthday to your dad!!
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