Well, the good news is that Couch to 5k - Week 8 Day 1 is complete.  The bad news is that the run just felt awful…

Lilly and I stopped at the Cascade Falls in Osceola on our way home yesterday.  That is 156 steps down and 156 steps back up…in addition to walking on the rocks and uneven paths.  I had charley horses all night in both calves and Lee kept having some sort of night terrors or something.  Add those on top of me normally sleeping pretty badly and…well…Katie didn’t sleep so well last night.  When I woke up, my calves both hurt so bad that it was hard to walk, but damnit, I went to bed early so I would get up early and run.  So run (sort of…) is what I did.

I felt cruddy on the run.  I was hot.  It felt really windy.  I was SO thirsty.  I had to use el baño.  It was just not nice.  I was going to stop at the church to use the bathroom, but I looked down and saw I only had 9 minutes left to run and I could TOTALLY make it home.  I finished with some pretty even splits, which I was happy about, but they weren’t as fast as I had hoped they would be.  No worries.  Moving past it.  The next run will be better.

After I got back, Lilly came out in her nightdress to stretch with me in the grass.  We sang “I Love It” by Icona Pop and hopped around and Lilly spun and twirled.  It was a nice way to cap that part of my morning.

My Dad came over for some coffee and crumble and convo.  We had a nice chat and he liked my crumble, so that was good.  I went to stand up when he was leaving after two hours and my ankle caved on me.  Now, I sit with my foot propped up and ice on it. I had all these plans of going garage sale-ing with Lilly and having a fun time outside.  We might have to switch that to a picnic lunch on the living room rug with a movie or something.  Bummer summer, I tell ya!

Please, everyone…have yourself a great weekend!


PS I just want to say that jumping from 1 minute plank to 1:30 minute plank is torture!  After 10-15 second increases, let’s just bump it up by 30 seconds…psh…  I made it, but barely!  

  1. sarahspeaksnow said: THE PLANK CHALLENGE IS THE WORST. Lol. And I hope your ankle gets better soon!
  2. theendguy said: I can confirm that it was “warmer” than the 66 here post indicates. Humidity is moving in for some storms tonight/tomorrow morning, so GO KATE. YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. NIGHT TERRORS. LEE OUT.
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